Sunday, September 28, 2008

Return to normal life...

ORIGINAL POST: 17 June 2008

Now that I've been home a month, things have returned to normalcy...

...and normal - for me, at least - is a little summer job I've had since I graduated high school 4 years ago: I was a program director at a YMCA summer camp. Well, now that real life has set in, I am unable to do that anymore.

That doesn't mean the fun has to stop!

Some of the more fun people I know still work there and any chance to hang out with them... I'm there!

And when my old boss emailed me with the "will you be available...?" - I said, "Of course."

This year, they asked me back to help out with the very beginning of the camp season - before any of the campers get there. So, really its a few friends and I getting to catch up.

My gravitation, since I was a wee lad, has been to the water. I've grown up swimming since elementary school, and now that I'm older, extends into the realm of powerboats... and that's where they needed my help again this year.

I go out on brand new Malibu wakeboard boats and teach fun people to do fun things. How good can it get?

Many of the guys and girls this year have never driven a boat before in their lives, but there's no way better to learn it than to just get out there and do it! The camp leases 4 sparkling new boats and turns 18-19-20-year-olds loose with them... and my little bit of semi-helpful tips in basic driving and parking is what they get.

But never fear... during my 3 years there, we never had a major accident involving a boat. Isn't that nice? Yes, I think so...

...don't these faces just scream, "I'm having fun!"?

The staff tends to enjoy these days because they get to play a little bit with the toys... just checking them out... making sure they're safe for the kids.

But anyways...

Lisa checks the placement of her riders in the wake.

That was this past weekend.

I'm at Auburn University in steamy South Alabama this week learning some crazy new stuff about documentary photojournalism in the university setting... those images soon!

Be good.
~Noah D.

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