Sunday, September 28, 2008

The close of a few...

ORIGINAL POST: 15 Apr 2008

And so it is... the end of my stay in Greece.

Since January 15 I have lived in the small Athens suburb of Porto Rafti. You've seen me travel extensively through Greece. You've seen me cross the Mediterranean to Egypt first then to Israel for those epic posts...

And some of the good parts and the bad... you've seen that, too.

I've clocked 5 of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World and innumerable World Heritage sites and seen places that have influenced the course of history.

My many friends and I have grown close and gone through extreme highs and even extreme lows - a few of us have even had close family members or friends pass away... and at moments like those we have come together to support and to do what friends do best.

You've seen the randomness of my photography...

...or read the randomness of my stories where I find things like...

You've only really missed my cruise to the Aegean Islands - that I went on this past weekend - only because it wasn't really that photographically interesting because the weather was nothing but haze the whole time.

But maybe I'll include a few photos... however, you can only take so many photographs of these tiny narrow streets and scenery so picturesque it would make you gag.

Even so, I am leaving Greece tomorrow at 16:35 for Munich, Germany to begin 17 days of a blitz tour of Europe. THAT, my friends, will be impossible not to photograph.

Everything has been sent home except my little LowePro backpack and a few changes of clothes... and other necessities... like my camera and such... its all on an air-freight flight home.

In fact, I'm wearing clothes I can leave behind right now.

It all weighs less than 15kg - including computer, external hard drive, and SLR camera equipment.

Let's do this.

You'll soon be meeting my companions for the travels. I'll leave tomorrow with two and be joined with two more when I go to Amsterdam on the 17th. I wonder how I'll sleep tonight.

But its all ready.

I'm packed.

I'm sleeping late tomorrow.

One last photo from this past weekend.

Goodnight, my friends.

~Noah D.

PS: Many congratulations to Nic and Carrol this afternoon! After a few nervous days, he asked her to take his name...

...and she said, "Yes."
Congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy life together!

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