Monday, May 25, 2009

A quick little redirection...

Well, everyone, I've finally moved up in the world and established myself in the real world... for the most part.

Yeah, its still a blog, but its quite a bit different. Its still the Fledgling Photographer... same stories. All of it is still there from archives, too...

...just a little fancier and a little more streamlined... and white.

I'm still working a bit ironing the kinks out, but take a look.

Thank you guys for staying tuned for so long. This blog will still be around for a long long time to remind you and redirect people if you haven't updated your bookmarks.

Stay tuned... just here:
-Noah D.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Still one more year till my time comes...

I graduated high school in 2004... and I'm still in college. It is kinda what I get for changing schools (3 times) and changing majors (umm... too many to count).

But, had I not taken so long, I don't think I ever would have found and done the things that I do now... and love. And want to do for the rest of my life.

Its really hilarious to me when I get to shoot jobs of specific types of people. But, honestly, I'm not stereotyping at all... but when it comes to shooting a function of business majors (marketing, management, etc.) they act and look... well... like business people!

So what about the other majors? When I get to see a cross-section of my university at a massive event like graduation... I find it really amusing.

Fashion design/merchandising? Absolutely.

Alright, all of that was just pre-game... My boss shot the "official" picture of the hand-shake-diploma-grab thing.

I roamed.

The real thing begins. I think it was something like 601 graduates.

Its also funny to see "graduation shoes." Nursing students all wear red.

With all those black robes, how else can you make yourself an "individual."

...and enough of that.

Okay, one more...

Nursing student? Yep.

Or, just throw up the deuce...

...or just be so happy you're actually graduating.

That'll be me.

The dean of the business department Dr. Burks... and in the background is our university President Dr. Burks...

...yeah? Father and son.

Then, the Alma Mater.

Strangely enough, after four (or five or six) years at this school, hardly anyone knows. Honestly, I wouldn't know it if it were not for the work I did with student publications this year.

But then, within two hours it was all over!

And they all go out... this...

...and this...

...but mostly this...

...because when 7,000 people and 600-something graduates and teachers all pour out of an arena - I guess it must be hard to find one specific person.

Saying goodbye to their friends...

...and teachers that have made a bit of a difference over the past few years.

And lots of family photos...

It'll be fascinating this next year... when I take my turn across that stage. A year from now. You KNOW there will be photos from that. But they'll be from the other side.

Everything is a learning experience.


Stay tuned,
-Noah D.