Sunday, January 25, 2009

"To execute faithfully" or "to faithfully execute"...

Okay, well, this blog post has nothing to do with the title. I just thought you guys might like to know that split infinitives are not okay. If you don't understand it, don't worry. It doesn't matter.

I just want to show some photos from today...

...and a few days ago.

Yet another reason (or two) never to leave home without at least a digicam in the pocket. These were taken with a Nikon CoolPix P6000. The one with a GPS receiver built in.

But that was the other day. No shoots that day.

Today, I had a shoot. And it was early in the morning in the next town over. And it was cold. But... was paintball. Not so bad, I'd say. Paintball and I go way way back... back to the origins of the sport. Back when there was no such thing as "automatic" paintball guns or "hair triggers" that are shot with two fingers.

I was already getting away from playing when I saw the first inflatable things on a field. We played in the woods - Vietnam style, with camouflage and painted faces - seeking to hunt down the other team. Games lasted hours in huge arenas.

Ahh... those were the days. By the way, there is a paintball in flight on the left side of the frame about knee level. ;)

But that's about all for paintball. I really just needed a group photo.

By the way, all the above were shot with an old AF Nikkor 75-300/4.5-5.6 proving once again... well... not much... but just don't think the older lens is not as good because it is "older."

But, otherwise, school is going again and I'm still shooting...

...cameras, that is.

I've got a project coming up that might require some fancy light-work. Or, well, it doesn't require it, but I may do it because... I want to... and... I practice.

Sometimes, all it takes is a bunch of lights and a remote trigger to practice with. Model for myself.

Coming up soon? I have no idea. Just stay tuned.

-noah d.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Basketball season is upon us...

Basketball season is upon us.

I really enjoy shooting basketball.

I really wish I was better at it... because my good-to-bad ratio isn't quite as good as I wish it was.

There's a few projects coming up. But for now basketball...


...stay tuned.
~noah d.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A little out of order, but...

Yeah, I know these photos are a little out of order - the New Years festivities in NYC were last week - but Christmas slash New Years was a bit wild this year... forgive.

But, the camera was out for Christmas as well, even if the blog doesn't reflect that.


Christmas was full of all sorts of eating, as usual.

Even as bad as things SEEM to be with the economy, most Americans eat themselves uncomfortable during the Christmas season and even have plenty left over for the canines and felines in our lives, as well...

Okay, okay... too many animal photos...

...well, just one more. Promise. It'll be the last one.

Hmm... I title that one: "The Cat is Not Amused."

Pretty cat, though.

And, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a little grilling, right?

Grilling on the new deck my dad is quite proud of. The old one before was of the miniature variety.

Time with family. Time with my sister.

She just got home after spending 3 months overseas... like I did earlier in the year... but in a different place... but now she's home... we're both home... well, we were.

Mkay, moving on.

So, I also intended to get some film developed, but all my chemistry had crossed over... so, sadly no film. But soon. Promise, soon.

If anyone knows anyone who would like to trade an M8.2 for my M4-P, I'm up for it. Otherwise, its the camera I wish I could shoot all the time. All the time. If my Leica was digital, I really would shoot with it all the time. Jobs. For fun. Everything.

But anyways. I think that is all.

School has returned and my usual routine is starting back up. Group pictures of doom are almost all done for the year and basketball is in full swing. Maybe more on that Thursday if I shoot it. And baseball is just around the corner.

I do hope your 2009 has started well. Stay tuned.
~noah d.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Time passes in the center of the universe...

Yes, New York City for New Years. Some people would rather be beat...

...but I thought, "I've spent the rest of the year in completely absurd places. So, why not finish the year in an absurd place, too."



Based in a quite nice spot in Harlem...

...we took to the city and did some exploring. By "we" I mean the MC and I, of course.

Sometimes at night...

...sometimes during the day...

...sometimes in between when the street lights come on because the shadows between the buildings darken the streets even if the skyline is still bright.

After all, it was practically Christmas (because Christmas is a quarter of a year nowadays). Besides the mobs around places like Rockafeller Plaza...

...its not too bad to be in the big city at this time of year.

The first time I went to New York back in high school, I didn't even get to see Central Park. Its kinda nice to go back and go wherever I want.

Quite a beautiful day means little weddings all over the park.

To the side of this one was another wedding going on at the same time.

But I think the best photo of our little Central Park walk was taken after the MC got hold of my camera for a little while.

She did the Central Park ducks justice... :)

I have to say, thought, its a little aggravating that the daylight only lasts a few hours in the afternoon. So, as the shadows got long, we took the exploration indoors for a while.

Most of the Museum of Natural History is really really fancy taxidermy, but it does make for quite an amusing random thing to do in the NYC with the MC.

I kinda wanted to see a t-rex in the lobby like in the Night At The Museum movie...

...but I guess a mammoth will suffice.


One of my first fascinations as a young lad was of the dinosaur nature. I would have had a field day with this place about 18 years ago.

But otherwise, it was just nice to walk around the city...

...and see other people walking around the city.

And after-hours Wall Street...

Its kind of absurd to walk around a city like this after walking around big European cities earlier in the year. Sometimes I'm not surprised when I hear people speaking Italian or German because New York files away in my mind as foreign as them. But, it just solidifies my opinion that we are all citizens of the same world... as hippy as THAT sounds.

And, of course, time in New York means sampling the incredible foods available...

But, of course, taking photos all the while...

And the city that never sleeps is rather fun with a high ISO camera, too, because photos are always everywhere. or night.

Oh, and it snowed...

It was so cold out on Jan 1, 2009, that even the dogs had coats...

...and seems that the little guy was a bit impatient...

...but we bundled up, too.

As we wondered down to Battery Park, we came across some wildlife we didn't expect to see...

...which was a little odd.

But we did see things that we DID expect to see.

So, that's a little bit of New York City...

Some skyline and streets...

...and some good times at the department store with the MC. :)

Good times I would not trade for the world.

I still probably owe a blogging annual report, but I just got home..., as always, stay tuned.
~Noah D.