Monday, January 12, 2009

A little out of order, but...

Yeah, I know these photos are a little out of order - the New Years festivities in NYC were last week - but Christmas slash New Years was a bit wild this year... forgive.

But, the camera was out for Christmas as well, even if the blog doesn't reflect that.


Christmas was full of all sorts of eating, as usual.

Even as bad as things SEEM to be with the economy, most Americans eat themselves uncomfortable during the Christmas season and even have plenty left over for the canines and felines in our lives, as well...

Okay, okay... too many animal photos...

...well, just one more. Promise. It'll be the last one.

Hmm... I title that one: "The Cat is Not Amused."

Pretty cat, though.

And, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a little grilling, right?

Grilling on the new deck my dad is quite proud of. The old one before was of the miniature variety.

Time with family. Time with my sister.

She just got home after spending 3 months overseas... like I did earlier in the year... but in a different place... but now she's home... we're both home... well, we were.

Mkay, moving on.

So, I also intended to get some film developed, but all my chemistry had crossed over... so, sadly no film. But soon. Promise, soon.

If anyone knows anyone who would like to trade an M8.2 for my M4-P, I'm up for it. Otherwise, its the camera I wish I could shoot all the time. All the time. If my Leica was digital, I really would shoot with it all the time. Jobs. For fun. Everything.

But anyways. I think that is all.

School has returned and my usual routine is starting back up. Group pictures of doom are almost all done for the year and basketball is in full swing. Maybe more on that Thursday if I shoot it. And baseball is just around the corner.

I do hope your 2009 has started well. Stay tuned.
~noah d.

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