Sunday, January 25, 2009

"To execute faithfully" or "to faithfully execute"...

Okay, well, this blog post has nothing to do with the title. I just thought you guys might like to know that split infinitives are not okay. If you don't understand it, don't worry. It doesn't matter.

I just want to show some photos from today...

...and a few days ago.

Yet another reason (or two) never to leave home without at least a digicam in the pocket. These were taken with a Nikon CoolPix P6000. The one with a GPS receiver built in.

But that was the other day. No shoots that day.

Today, I had a shoot. And it was early in the morning in the next town over. And it was cold. But... was paintball. Not so bad, I'd say. Paintball and I go way way back... back to the origins of the sport. Back when there was no such thing as "automatic" paintball guns or "hair triggers" that are shot with two fingers.

I was already getting away from playing when I saw the first inflatable things on a field. We played in the woods - Vietnam style, with camouflage and painted faces - seeking to hunt down the other team. Games lasted hours in huge arenas.

Ahh... those were the days. By the way, there is a paintball in flight on the left side of the frame about knee level. ;)

But that's about all for paintball. I really just needed a group photo.

By the way, all the above were shot with an old AF Nikkor 75-300/4.5-5.6 proving once again... well... not much... but just don't think the older lens is not as good because it is "older."

But, otherwise, school is going again and I'm still shooting...

...cameras, that is.

I've got a project coming up that might require some fancy light-work. Or, well, it doesn't require it, but I may do it because... I want to... and... I practice.

Sometimes, all it takes is a bunch of lights and a remote trigger to practice with. Model for myself.

Coming up soon? I have no idea. Just stay tuned.

-noah d.

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