Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm outta here... where to?

ORIGINAL POST: 27 Feb 2008

The past few days have been ridiculous - projects and tests... one after another...

My last one is at 8:30pm (Athens time) today. At long last.

But I don't blog to tell people silly things like that. There is no need and it is ridiculously boring anyway...

So I'll share it in images!

Just kidding...

I know better than to share a bunch of college students studying in photos...

Okay, the real reason:

As you all know, it is leap day weekend and our school is giving us a three-day weekend. Well, to avoid sitting around here all weekend staring at the wall and Facebook and going insane, a friend of mine and I are going on a little trip.

Where to, you may ask?

Milan, Italy.

We leave tomorrow afternoon at 4:15 and return on Sunday noon-ish. Only at backpack and a change of clothes... and the camera...

So, if any of my acquaintances has ANY clue as to anything fun or enjoyable... please do tell! We are pretty much going on a whim - again, because we refuse to sit here all weekend. I think a train to Florence might be in our thoughts... maybe... maybe Venice?

Who knows...?

In fact, we may just go to the Milan train station and stand there looking at the trains for that hour and go for it... THAT is how to travel, my friend!


Oh twell...

But we're going to get on that plane at 4:15 tomorrow and lets see what happens!

You'll see a gob of photos from it, of course - and probably a few good stories. I've never been to Italy... I speak no Italian... I just know how to make adventures... and take pictures of them.

Bored to death studying is not an adventure...

...but I still take pictures of it.

Learning a new instrument because you're sick of studying...

...that could be one.

Well... just to inform you of the next 4 or 5 days. I hope your weekend goes well! I'm hoping ours does, too...

For real... any hints from you world traveler people?


See you on the other side,
~Noah D.

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