Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another mountain...

ORIGINAL POST: 22 Jan 2008

I promise pictures from my excursions in downtown Athens soon. I had the Leica so I need to get my film developed. Soon... next time I go to Athens, it'll be done. I was shooting Fuji Neopan 400, by the way - not my usual film, but I think I'm pleased by the results.


Enough of that...

It seems like my roommate and I are climbing a bunch of mountains these days. It was only something like 2 posts ago that had a picture from the other mountain.

Well, this time, we went to the mountain not many people go to. In fact, our leader said that nobody - to his knowledge - had done it from previous semesters. It involved many miles riding a bicycle (read: "pushing a bicycle") up into the foothills.

We drug our bikes off the road and up into some bushes to hide them. And, we began climbing.
It was a mighty pretty day for a climb. In fact, it was almost summer-like.

Not too much to say, but if you ever get a chance to climb the north mountain in Porto Rafti, you're in for quite a treat!

If you click on this picture, a larger-than-usual version will open up so you can see the details of the area. Markopoulo is off to frame left and the Athens airport is is the light-colored line near the horizon in the middle. The edge of Ziorti Bay and a little coastal town called Artemis is on the far right.

We visited every one of the peaks.

It is almost impossible to find an un-photogenic spot.

Except for me...

Wow... there's a Facebook picture for ya...


Talk soon, I got class...
~Noah D.

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