Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Going back to donkeys...

"Maybe we need a little bit of time where we're walking around with a donkey with pots clanging on the sides..."

(More about that later.)

Exactly one year ago (and even within an hour of this blog post) I took this photo:

Forty grown college kids reverting back to the simple pleasures from childhood - playing in mud. Was it significant that this mud was from the Dead Sea and we were up to our waist in it? I dare say it could have been in the local pond - it was simple fun with absolutely NO technology.

I heard somebody talking about phrases they hate these days. They made references to all the fun little cliches imaginable...

...but to me there is one these days that sticks out above the rest:

"...in these tough economic times..."

Well boy howdy, people... did you drive to school today? Did you have running hot water in your shower? Did you go buy $170 instead of $200 of groceries yesterday because you're "on a budget"?

Maybe we need a little time when things are a bit more difficult. Hey, I don't want to give up my air conditioning and internet on my cell phone any more than the next guy, but would it really be that bad?

Go live in some parts of Europe for a little while. Do without a cell phone and have to take the train or public transit - or perish the thought: WALK - everywhere you go.

I took this photo in Greece a year ago last week. This woman fascinated me because she sat there for hours because she had nothing else to do... so she watched traffic pass.

Oh, wait. I'm pretty sure our parents and grandparents did that quite a bit... and some still do.

Check out this video for a little more comedic spin on things... as well as the quote I referenced in opening this blog:

Take a little time and enjoy something simple today. Nothing lasts forever.

Stay tuned,
-Noah D.

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