Sunday, March 8, 2009

Everyone has a need...

Everyone has a need.

Someone may need to pay his or her rent. Some man may need a red necktie. Some college student may need an internship or job after graduation.

What if it was a 17 year-old kid on a baseball team in a tiny town in central Arkansas? What would he need?

Would he and his team need new shoes and uniforms because the ones they had didn't match?

Would they need new baseballs because the old ones were held together with duct tape?

What if his father had just died after a long bout with cancer?

If it happened to you, would you still have a self-less enough attitude to think of your teammates first and say what WE need instead of 'I'?

Will Staggs, a pitcher for the Pangburn Tiger's high school varsity baseball team...

...did just this.

Yep, he's a real person.

Since his dad got sick, his mother took care of his dad... at a pretty substantial cost in today's time: her job. Last season he had to work to provide for the family. This season his mother made him play baseball instead of working because he loved it so much... and it would be his last season to play.

People should learn from those who tackle great adversity. People who overcome great pain and sorrow in their personal lives but live for the big picture.

Its quite an honorable thing... here are a few photos.

Let them tell the story.

Announcers in Arkansas start a little earlier than the rest of the country.

And a friend of mine was writing the article for the paper that these photos were ordered for.

Sometimes I really enjoy working in Arkansas. Sure you gotta take a thousand menial group photos to get to the jobs like this, but its so worth the wait.

And plus, you never know what you're going to see in Arkansas:

Stay tuned, my friends.
-Noah D.

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