Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A quiet walk on a spring morning...

...for everyone except me.

They gave me a golf cart.

(Yep, blow that one up... its kinda cool.)

Yesterday? Gross weather.

Today? Beautiful weather.

My University's golf team was competing in a nearby town. Nearby is an hour away.

Golf is honestly enjoyable to shoot. A little restrictive, but... absolutely enjoyable and relaxing to shoot. Its interesting to be in a place where one single location can make a thousand different photos. Its like 360 degrees of good photos.

And sometimes even vertically, too...

I'm doing these posts backwards, by the way. This is the most recent shoot - only this morning and today. They'll go further back as I get to processing. Lots and lots of photos.

And I feel an epic post coming up...

Stay tuned,
Noah D.

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