Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Other Side of a large production...

For those of you on the cast/crew who wondered, "Why is that dude still here? Does he really need that many photos?" maybe here's a bit of an explanation:

Shooting backstage at a concert is a unique experience. But, shooting backstage during all parts of a production is, what I would honestly call, somewhat of an honor.

I did the studio work for the program recently and truly enjoyed it. I was working with all the lights and equipment and I shot about a hundred standard and full-length portraits that went into the program.

Since I was on staff for that they asked me back to shoot some extra stuff during practices. On top of that my work for the Public Relations department got me in front of the stage, too. This was literally all sides... and I loved it.

Still, the aspect I enjoyed the most was being behind the scenes. I mean, suspension of disbelief aside, a production does not start and end with the performance. Song-and-dance numbers do not just happen like they do in musicals where everyone knows the songs and choreography. And neither do they end with the final bow...

So, here it is. A little look at what happens everywhere else...

And if you'd like to see it a bit larger and no distractions: Click here.

So, I hope you enjoy the new format. It prevents me from posting 50 photos in an epic post. If you didn't notice, you can click the little box in the bottom right and view it at full screen... it just takes a little while to load.

But if you'd like to see the rest of the show - the on-stage part, too - take a look at this link... 1,300-something photos.

Take a look.

Stay tuned for more. There's been so much going on...
-Noah D.

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