Sunday, December 21, 2008 that the semesters has ended.

Though I'm still a little in denial that the semester is actually over, I really wouldn't trade the break for anything.

In the last few days before the break, the pauses between finals allowed for some time to do whatever... including taking some photos for personal enjoyment.

And that's a big deal.

Photos for personal enjoyment are the ones that cause you to learn the most. Instead of taking photos for jobs - which a lot of the time means less experimentation and more "safe" shots - free-time is just for fun and experimentation is part of it.

...or just getting to know a different lens.


No Photoshop for me!

So, I think this Christmas season will be full of some experimentation and...

...there will be spans of time when I just use one specific camera with one specific lens for a long long time.

Its another good way to learn.

But in other news it IS, after all, Christmas.

And on Friday, the significant other and I took to the coldness with cameras...

And, speaking of the significant other, she is quite pretty... wouldn't you say?

If you hear of me referring to the MC... that's her.

So I've talked a little about Christmas, shown some photos, introduced you to the MC, and...

...Oh, and after Christmas I'm going on a little trip. Excited? Yes. You should be. Why? Because its to New York City for New Years.

Ringin' in the New Year in Times Square... or as close as we can get... 20 blocks or so...

That's gonna be crazy! Expect many a photo from that!

Talk soon, my friends. Stay tuned.
~noah d.

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